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We work very closely with customers to help determine the most appropriate materials for your specific packaging needs. And whether you choose paper or plastic, you can be sure that you will get the quality you are looking for.

Here you can read more about the unique advantages associated with each of these materials.:

Advantages of PAPER

Most of the advantages of using paper have to do with the environment. Not only is paper made from a renewable resource, but it can also be recycled and re-used for the production of other paper products.

Paper selected for use at Stenqvist has to meet a number of different criteria. Not only must it be manufactured in accordance with good environmental practices and standards, but it must also have a number of first rate properties in order to be considered suitable. These include even reel quality, run ability, strength and rigidity.

By selecting paper with the correct properties, we minimize material usage during the converting process and maximize eco-efficiency for the entire life cycle of the product. As the strength of paper continues to be developed (today paper is 300% stronger than it was in 1950), other parameters are now determining the amount of paper used in the production of paper carrier bags and other paper based packaging.

Advantages of PLASTIC

Because plastic is a transparent material, it offers an obvious advantage over paper when you want the contents of your packaging to be seen.

Graphically, the results of printing on plastic are usually very good. The surface is even and does not absorb any ink. This provides a sleek and luxurious appearance to the packaging.

Plastic is also generally more pliable than paper, which enables quicker handling during the filling process.